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Still Building Web-Esteem...

Web-Esteem: \web-esteem\, n
The process of enabling a comfort-zone of understanding with the purpose of de-mystifying the Internet & utilizing the Web as a powerful, effective business tool in a global market.

SpiralXdesign - 15 years digital design experience making a comeback! Vacation soon over! Come back soon for more news!

Where and What to Soon...

rtGasser went on to become the Director of Internet Stuff at a local company. He is happy, drives a Porsche and married his former partner...and now is almost as grey as the model to the left!

cjGasser, without her programming partner, was lost. She went back to her roots in art and writing. She kept her finger in web design by acquiring a few new clients and building pro bono sites using Dreamweaver templates. She kept one Client, Ferngrove Cottages in Sonoma and is eternally grateful for their continued trust!

HTML5 and CSS3 makes the Internet logical again and lures her back! Once again, digital design is accomplished in through logical and elegant technologies!

cj is back, studying and excited about future web design potentials. Look for the Back in Business notice when new Clients will be accepted!

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